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What can you do to enforce a maintenance order against a person who is responsible for paying maintenance, but fails to do so or is paying too little? When someone fails to pay maintenance in terms of a maintenance order you have the option of lodging a complaint against them […]

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Who Is Responsible For Water Leaks?

Maintenance of a sectional title scheme can appear straightforward, but the reality is that disputes arise frequently regarding maintenance issues relating to sectional title units. This is often the result of the complex relationship of close quarter living and the shared form of ownership represented by sectional titles. Making things […]

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Maintenance: Not Only For Children

When the word “maintenance” is mentioned, many people think of women claiming maintenance for minor children, or alternatively, women claiming maintenance from their ex-husbands. However, in this article we will deal with parents claiming maintenance from their adult children. Mike Larry received a summons from the Maintenance Court to appear […]

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Freedom Of Testation And Maintenance Claims

Is a testator entitled to disinherit a child and if so, will the child have a claim for maintenance against the estate? Freedom of testation is the liberty of a testator to choose how to bequeath his/her estate, and govern how his/her property is transmitted after his/her death. The law […]

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What Happens After Your House Has Been Burnt To The Ground?

There are definite steps that a homeowner will need to take if he ever has the traumatic experience of having his house burnt to the ground. Over and above all the emotional and financial tension it causes in a person and his family, there will be several steps that a […]

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