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What your My Lawyer policy includes:

  • R175 000 of legal services per case
  • Comprehensive and very powerful legal protection
  • A one-stop, hassle-free legal service
  • Lawyers who are available 24 hours per day
  • Legal issues covered like consumer, family, criminal, property, labour, motor, childrens’ rights, traffic offences, etc
  • Legal advice and assistance by 2500 top Lawyers
  • Legal representation in the High and Magistrate’s Courts nationwide
  • Lawyers who are utilised in their area of expertise
  • All lawyers have more than 5 years practical experience
  • Only practicing attorneys and advocates are used
  • We do not use paralegals
  • Fully fledged Family Law service
  • Bail Payments up to R5 000 per incident
  • Motor related problems package – specifically focused on matters regarding the ownership of, the travelling in and the use of a vehicle
  • Lobola and religious marriages
  • School related issues – even your child in Nursery school is protected
  • No forms to complete when you need our service – you only need to make 1 phone call
  • No excess or hidden costs – only your monthly premium.

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