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If there’s anything we’ve learned at MyLawyer, it’s that you can never expect life to go the way you planned. Whether it’s relationships or job expectations – you name it – life seldom goes the way we expect it to. Facing life’s curveballs can be daunting and costly, especially those that require legal assistance. That’s why we’ve made it possible for you and your family to access our legal expertise every day, all year, at a special discounted monthly rate.

Choose a plan and get covered!

Become a MyLawyer member in under 10 minutes. All you’ll need are your bank details and ID number.

*Premiums are reviewed and escalate annually

Nedbank Client Discount

(Premium is 20% lower than current market offering)

Now R69*




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Nedbank Client Discount

(Premium is 20% lower than current market offering)

Now R119*




Switch membership or cancel anytime.

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Key membership features

Legal protection

Over 80 legal matters covered under one policy.

Help around the clock

Access to expert legal advice any time, all year.

Full family law service

Protection for you, your spouse and kids!

No hidden costs

No excess either! Only your monthly subscription fee.

No paralegals

Only practising lawyers, advocates, and attorneys.

No forms

Call us when you need legal help.

Frequently asked questions

Who's covered under a MyLawyer membership?

A MyLawyer membership covers you, the policyholder, your spouse, and kids.

What's included in a MyLawyer membership?

  • 24-Hour access to our team of expert lawyers

  • Cover for over 80 legal services. From general legal advice to family, property, labor, motor, criminal matters, and more! To see our full list of legal services, go here

  • Legal advice and assistance from 2500 practising lawyers, advocates and attorneys

  • Legal representation in any court or forum in South Africa, including High Court

  • Bail payments of up to R5000 per incident

  • Access to fully fledge family law service

How long do memberships last?

As long as your monthly premiums are paid up to date, you’ll get legal help whenever you need it


Is there a waiting period?

Yes, you’ll get legal advice immediately from inception but have to wait 3 months before you can make your first claim for legal representation, However, the 3 month waiting period will be waived by the Insurer if you have an existing legal expense policy with another company, which you will need to prove if you claim within the first 3 months from inception of your MyLawyer Legal policy


MyLawyer is a legal expense insurance product of MyLawyer Legal Assistance (Pty) Ltd t/a MyLawyer. The MyLawyer product is underwritten by Genric Insurance Co Ltd (FSP No: 43638), an authorised financial services provider and licensed non-life insurer. MyLawyer is an authorised financial services provider with FSP number 46455.

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