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If there’s anything we’ve learned at MyLawyer, it’s that you can never expect life to go the way you planned. Whether it’s marriage troubles or problems in the workplace – you name it – life seldom goes the way you expect it will. Facing life’s curveballs can be daunting and costly, especially those that require legal assistance.

That’s why we’ve made it possible for you and your family to access our legal expertise every day, all year, with our comprehensive legal expense insurance product that makes legal insurance cover affordable and accessible!

Our wide range of legal expertise and dedicated team of practicing lawyers means that we can support you in all areas of your life anytime you need our help! These areas include:

Family Law



General Legal


Extra Services

What we offer

Option 1

Monthly premium:

R149 p/m

Legal cover per case:

Up to R200,000

Comprehensive legal cover for you, your spouse and kids!

Option 2

Monthly premium:

R219 p/m

Legal cover per case:

Up to R270,000

Comprehensive legal cover for you, your spouse and kids!

Why choose us

Trusted experience

Our team of practising lawyers, attorneys, and advocates have more than 5-years expertise in their field! We don’t use paralegals.

Experts in our field

No problem is too difficult for us!
We’re experts in over 80 legal services, advising clients on general legal queries and assisting with complex legal matters in courts all over South Africa.

Committed to you

Our dedicated team of legal experts will confidently advise and guide you step by step through a legal matter whenever you need our help.

No hidden costs

No excess either! Only your monthly premium.

Help around the clock

Access to expert legal advice 24-hours a day, all year!

No forms

Just call us when you need legal help, simple and easy!

How do I join MyLawyer?

Joining is quick and easy! You can join MyLawyer in one of the following ways:
1. Fill out the Join form
2. Call the MyLawyer contact centre on 0861 333 118

Is there a fee to join MyLawyer?

Yes. There is a monthly premium of R149.00 payable for the MyLawyer policy.

How do I pay for my policy?

By monthly debit order. Your debit order will go off your account on the day you have requested or set up at registration, as reflected on the MyLawyer system.

Can I pay via EFT for my fees?

No. Payment of your MyLawyer policy premium is collected by monthly debit order facility.

How long does it take before registration is complete?

Policyholders are registered immediately after the registration form is completed and submitted. The policyholder will get a confirmation SMS with the policy number.

How soon after joining can I get legal help?

Policyholders can access telephonic legal advice immediately after the registration form is completed and submitted. A 3-month waiting period applies to legal representation.

Is there a maximum limit per case cover?

Yes. A maximum limit of up to R200,000.00 per case cover applies to a MyLawyer policyholder.

How do I make a claim?

Making a claim is easy!

  1. Call 0861 333 118
  2. Talk to a lawyer about your situation. Provide accurate and detailed information about the matter.
  3. A lawyer will assess your situation and advise you accordingly, and inform you of the claims process.
  4. If necessary, MyLawyer will arrange a consultation and lawyer to represent your case.
  5. No excess payable

When can I cancel my policy?

You can cancel your policy with MyLawyer at any time, by calling our contact centre on 0861 333 118 or by emailing

MyLawyer is a legal expense insurance product of MyLawyer Legal Assistance (Pty) Ltd t/a MyLawyer. The MyLawyer product is underwritten by Genric Insurance Co Ltd (FSP No: 43638), an authorised financial services provider and licensed non-life insurer. MyLawyer is an authorised financial services provider with FSP number 46455.

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