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MyLawyer Policy

Powerful legal protection for you and your family

Protect those who matter most to you with a MyLawyer personal legal insurance policy. For only R149 per month, you and your family can get unlimited, 24-hour, all-year access to expert legal advice and standard legal documents whenever you need too!

PLUS up to R200,000 cover per case for legal representation in any court or tribunal in South Africa.

Just a call is all it takes to get the legal help you need – no forms to complete, no excess or hidden costs!

See our policy services below.

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Family Law



General Legal


Extra Services

View our comprehensive range of legal services below:

Legal Advice

Access to a 24-hour legal service centre to obtain legal advice and standard routine legal documents.

Legal Assistance

Legal advice, legal representation and litigation services in any legally instituted court or tribunal, pertaining to the following matters:

1. General Matters

  • Civil claims instituted by the Insured regarding matters set out in this legal services schedule;

  • Civil claims instituted against Insured regarding matters set out in this legal services schedule;

2. Family Matters

  • Civil marriages;

  • Lobola marriages. Services will be provided only in respect of marriages that came into effect after the 3 (three) -month waiting period of this policy;

  • Religious and Customary Marriages. Services will be provided only in respect of marriages that came into effect after the 3 (three) -month waiting period of this policy;

  • Divorces Uncontested;

  • Divorces Contested divorces. Cover is limited to R30 000 (thirty thousand) per case;

  • Amendment of Divorce Orders;

  • Enforcement of Divorce Orders;

  • Maintenance Enquiries;

  • Enforcement of Maintenance Orders;

  • Amendment of Maintenance Orders;

  • Failure to pay maintenance;

  • Maintenance arrears litigation;

  • Prenuptial agreements;

  • Living together as life-partners;

  • Visitation rights;

  • Family violence;

  • Guardianship;

  • Protection orders;

  • Paternity excluding the medical expenses of the paternity test;

  • Adoptions

3. General Legal Matters

  • Child abuse;

  • Children’s rights;

  • School related legal disputes;

  • Lease agreements – this benefit is limited to tenants;

  • Eviction Orders – this benefit is limited to tenants;

  • Damage to immovable property;

  • Unlawful arrest by SAPS and Metro Police;

  • Malpractice by doctors;

  • Negligence in hospitals;

  • Disputes with medical aid companies;

  • Consumer related legal problems;

  • Guarantees and Warrantees;

  • Defective goods;

  • Personal and bodily injuries;

  • Problems with the neighbours;

  • Sexual harassment;

  • Disputes with service providers;

  • Homeowner legal problems limited to primary residence of Insured;

  • Insurance related matters;

  • Building disputes limited to primary residence of the Insured;

  • Contracts;

  • Poor craftsmanship;

  • Defamation of character in printed or electronic media, excluding social media;

  • Legal disputes regarding Tax;

  • Registration of companies Limited to 2 (two) Companies per annum;

  • Status of persons (Curators’ appointment) The event and/or condition that forms the ground for person’s change in status must have happened or developed after the 3 (three) – month waiting period of this policy;

  • Urgent applications;

  • Interdicts;

  • Appeals and review proceedings in criminal cases;

  • Rescission of civil judgements;

  • Wills limited to advice and drafting of;

  • Winding up (administration) of deceased estates not exceeding a value of R250 000 (two hundred and fifty thousand);

  • Winding up (administration) of deceased estates exceeding a value of R250 000 (two hundred and fifty thousand). Cover limited to R10 000 (ten thousand) per estate;

  • Legal disputes regarding financial services;

  • ID Theft;

  • Debt related legal problems;

  • Garnishee Orders;

  • Blacklisting Removal of your name from the Credit Bureau list;

  • Unlawful blacklisting;

  • Legal problems with Local Authorities;

  • Matters where an admission of guilt is payable;

  • 60% of initiation fees of debt counselling process

  • Rescission of administration orders Cover is limited to orders made after the 3 (three) – month waiting period of this policy

  • Conveyancing Cover is provided for attorneys transfer fees only and limited to R6 000 (six thousand) per transfer.

4. Criminal Matters

  • Criminal matters all criminal offences;

  • Bail applications;

  • Bail payments up to R5 000 (five thousand) per incident per Insured. My Lawyer will conduct a bail application and pay bail money/furnish a guarantee on behalf of the Insured in an amount not exceeding R5000 (five thousand) per Insured per incident. The bail assistance service is limited to a first bail application in respect of every specific incident

5. Labour Matters

  • Disciplinary Hearings assistance;

  • Lodgement of grievances at workplace;

  • Internal Appeals;

  • CCMA assistance;

  • Mediation;

  • Arbitration;

  • Included in 70 to 75 above:

  1. Maternity issues

  2. Unfair dismissals

  3. Unpaid wages

  4. Demotions

  5. Retrenchments

  6. Restraints

6. Motor Related Matters

  • Criminal prosecution relating to Motor Vehicle Accidents;

  • Traffic Offences – where the fine exceeds R1500 (one thousand five hundred). Bail services will only be provided following an arrest after the commission of a traffic offence. In respect of any drug or alcohol related offence or in the event of an arrest as a result of failure to appear in court, no bail services will be provided

  • Drunken driving;

  • Reckless or Negligent driving;

  • Culpable Homicide as a result of an accident;

  • Problems with panel beaters;

  • Problems with tow-in companies;

  • RAF (Road Accident Fund) Claims;

  • Repossessions;

  • Pothole damages;

  • Other damage to your vehicle caused by bad road conditions.

7. Additional Value-added Services: (costs for the members account)

  • Conveyancing – In addition to benefit 66 above, My Lawyer will negotiate a discount on attorney’s transfer fees of up to 30% when one of the conveyancers on our network is used by the transacting parties.

  • Winding up of deceased estates – My Lawyer will negotiate a discount of up to 20% on executor’s fees if those costs exceeds the cover limit in service 55 above.


This policy excludes:

    • The payment of any fine, penalty, tax, levy, any witness fee, any costs pertaining to expert witnesses and expert witness reports, travelling or subsistence costs, any payment or reimbursement of money to the Insured of whatever nature, including costs and expenses in respect of services under this policy provided on a contingency fee basis.

    • Indemnification of the Insured against payment of claims or damages awarded against the Insured in legal proceedings.

    • Any order in legal proceedings, made in respect of legal expenses, in favour of the Insured’s opponent in such proceedings.

    • Insured Matters that occurred outside the borders of Republic of South Africa.

    • Litigation and representation services regarding events or circumstances which had commenced or occurred or where the cause or grounds of action in respect of those events or circumstances arose prior to inception of the policy or within the Waiting Periods as well as agreements that were entered into by the Insured prior to the inception date of this policy or within the 3-month Waiting Period.

    • Matters related to the Insured’s business trade or profession and that are based on the generation of income other than income derived as an employee.

    • Matters related to the professional sporting activities of the Insured.

    • Legal Services that are purely administrative in nature.

    • This policy of insurance and all actions, whether actual or contemplated, brought against the Insurer and/or My Lawyer by the Insured.

    • Any Matters relating to:

      • Debt review, counselling or rehabilitation however we cover 60% of the initiation fees of the debt counselling process.

      • Insolvencies and administration of insolvent estates.

      • Investment and pension/provident fund disputes.

      • Water and electricity account problems and matters relating to electricity outages or claims based on consequential damage arising from electricity outages.

      • Disputes with telecommunication service providers.

      • Loss of or damage to any vehicle as a result of an accident except where the loss or damage was caused by potholes.

      • The service and / or repair, of whatever nature and resulting from whatever cause, of a vehicle

      • Application of rules by Body Corporates and Home Owner Associations.

      • Events that are, in the sole opinion of My Lawyer, trivial and / or should be adjudicated in the small claims Court.

      • SABC licences.

      • E-toll.

      • Adoptions in respect of blood relatives of an Insured.

      • Land claims.

      • Constitutional Court proceedings.

      • Any act or activity pertaining to political activity/riot, civil commotion, labour riot/strike/lockout or public disorder.

      • Labour matters, the cause or grounds of which originate during the Insured’s membership of a Trade Union.

      • Protection orders regarding disputes between the Insured and immediate family members, his / her spouse or life-partner.

      • All matters not specifically included in the definition of Insured Matters

      • Ionising radiation or contamination by radioactivity from an irradiated nuclear fuel or any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel

      • The radioactive, toxic, explosive or other hazardous properties of any nuclear assembly or nuclear component thereof.

      • War, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, riot, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power, or confiscation or nationalisation or compulsory purchase, requisition, destruction of or restrictions or controls placed on or damage to property by or under the order of any government or public or local authority.

MyLawyer is a legal expense insurance product of MyLawyer Legal Assistance (Pty) Ltd t/a MyLawyer. The MyLawyer product is underwritten by Genric Insurance Co Ltd (FSP No: 43638), an authorised financial services provider and licensed non-life insurer. MyLawyer is an authorised financial services provider with FSP number 46455.

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