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My Lawyer Legal Assistance (Pty) Ltd (the Company) is committed to handling any complaint from a policyholder promptly seeking an outcome that is fair and equitable for both the Policyholder and the Company. To ensure this, the Company has formulated a complaints-handling procedure as set out below.

The Complaints Handling Procedure

1. Telephonic complaints

Telephonic complaints are generally received by the My Lawyer call-centre. Where a complaint is received by reception, it must be transferred to the call-centre. The call-centre operator will establish the nature of the complaint and where the operator is able to provide the complainant with a satisfactory response to the complaint by use of his / her own resource, e.g. direct from computer records, the complaint will be noted as an enquiry and not recorded as a complaint.

2. Complaints in writing

In the event that it is not possible to respond to the complaint satisfactorily the call-centre operator must request the complainant to submit the complaint in writing to:

The Complaints Manager
P O Box 1878
Wingate Park

or by e-mail at

On receipt of a written complaint it must be recorded and the complainant must be advised of receipt thereof in writing within 48 hours.

3. FAIS complaints

A FAIS complaint is a complaint by a client relating to the rendering of a financial service to him. Such a complaint could be where a client alleges that he was not aware of the extent of his undertaking or he was sold a product that he did not need. In this instance the client must be requested to put the complaint in writing as set out in par 2 above.

4. The internal process

Once a complaint has been received the following process will be followed:

  1. The complaint must be referred to the relevant operational department.
  2. All policy documentation and policy records that have a bearing on the complaint must be collated and perused as may be necessary and referred to the Complaints Manager for a decision.
  3. The complainant must be kept informed on the person dealing with the complaint and contact detail.
  4. In the event that the complaint cannot be resolved by the Complaints Manager the complaint and all relevant documentation must be referred to the Complaints Resolution Committee (CRC).
  5. The CRC must attend to the complaint as soon as possible in an effort to resolve the problem within 20 working days.
  6. The CRC must make a decision that is objective, fair and equitable and the client must be advised of the outcome in writing. A decision will only be regarded as having been resolved when the convener of the CRC has signed it off.
  7. In the event that the complainant is still not satisfied the complaint shall not be regarded as resolved and the complainant must be advised of further available options in writing. For this purpose the complainant shall in the first instance be referred to:

The FAIS Ombudsman for FAIS complaints

Office Address:

Sussex Office Park
Ground Floor, Block B
473 Lynnwood Road Cnr Lynnwood Road & Sussex Ave,

Postal Address:

PO Box 74571
Lynnwood Ridge

Telephone No:  012 470 9080
Fax No:  012 348 3447

The Short-Term Ombud for other complaints

Office Address:

Sunnyside Office Park
5th Floor, Building D
32 Princess of Wales Terrace

Postal Address:

P O Box 32334

Telephone No: (021) 726 8900
Facsimile No: (021) 726 5501

5. Complaints via the Ombudsman or Regulatory Body

  1. All complaints from the Ombudsman for Short-term Insurance, the FAIS Ombud or Regulatory Body will be received by the Complaints Manager or delegated person and referred to the relevant operational department.
  2. Such complaints may be complaints already ruled on by the CRC or submitted for the first time. In both events the complaint will be dealt with by the CRC.

6. The CRC

As of the 01.05.2016 the following staff members will form part of the CRC:

H Nolte and M Pillay

And any other person seconded, for a particular matter

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